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If you want translate CrypTooLinux in a new language you can
download a version of CrypTooLinux(svn or 0.1) and do
lupdate ../src/* -ts ../doc/translation/translation_it.ts
where ../src/* are the c++ and header sources of CrypTooLinux and
../doc/translation/translation_it.ts is the file that you can edit with
linguist(a tool of QT). Remember that you need to change the "it" in the ts filename to the
2 characters standard code for your language. Or you can send to me an email and ask for
the ts file for you language. If there exists a ts of your language and you want correct
or complete the translation you can use directly linguist with this ts file. To use the
your version of ts file you can do this command
lrelease ../doc/translation/translation_it.ts
where ../doc/translation/translation_it.ts is your updated ts file. lrelease will create
the qm file in the same directory of the ts file. Now to use the your translation copy
the qm file to /usr/share/cryptoolinux/doc/translation/
Of course if you update a ts file send it to me too :)